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About Rita Glynn, LCMHCA

My Story:

My first professional job was at the age of eight years old when I landed a part in a National Broadway tour. From there I performed in NYC on Broadway and in professional theater along the east coast. 


Everybody always commented on my maturity, focus, and work-ethic and I was praised for being an adult as a child. I learned how to take critique, follow direction, and never miss a cue from a very young age. While in many ways I was older than my years, my innocence protected me until I became an adolescent and the reality of what I was doing started to sink in. Suddenly, the joy of performance turned to extreme anxiety, I felt crippled by the fear of being unable to live up to other people’s expectations and my body image “shyness” turned into a more true concern. These struggles continued to manifest into young adulthood when the work-ethic I had previously used onstage was now being used to control my body through restrictive eating and an extreme exercise routine. 


Throughout this time, I had received my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology as I always loved the study of people and how they think-which is what acting has always been to me- a practice of applied Psychology. 

After working with a therapist to heal my disordered eating and exercise, I decided to pursue my Masters in Clinical Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling from UNC Chapel Hill and I have been an LCMHCA since 2018. 


My passion and interest in psychology and therapy are intertwined with my passion for acting. I love learning about people, how they think, how they feel, what they say, what they don’t say- and as a therapist - supporting them in their personal growth. I am grateful to continue to pursue my passion for performing now while maintaining a healthier artist:life balance and am passionate about helping other performers do the same. I specialize in working with high-achieving performers and artists and love supporting people through performance anxiety, disordered eating and exercising, perfectionism, and work/life balance. I draw from evidence-based practices such as DBT, CBT, and ACT while also using more creative and somatic based approaches to meet each person where they are. I believe that all performers can benefit from mental skills training and have a special interest in health psychology. I am often described as warm, empathetic, and light hearted in my work

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