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Holiday Fitness Tips

The holidays can be a challenge for all of us when it comes to what we consume and how little we exercise. It is important for us to not feel shameful or guilty with what we eat or lack of exercise we engage in this holiday season. Here are some tips that may help you stay on track and avoid the desire to change your lifestyle until the New Year: 1. Identify Stressors: or triggers that may prevent you from maintaining a healthy lifestyle during the holidays. What or who could get in the way of your exercise time? How can you prepare to positively deal with those stressors? 2. Make Holiday Fitness Goals: Instead of waiting for January 1st, make fitness goals for the month of December first. Be realistic about what you think is right for you. Remember: it does not have to be anything extreme, even a 15 minute walk can be a great goal! 3. Any exercise is better than none: It is important to remember to keep somewhat of an exercise routine during the holidays. December is a busy month, with Christmas parties, shopping, and traveling. It is important to set aside some time (even if it is only a 20-30 minute workout) to exercise. 4. Stretch/ Relax Your Mind and Body: For those that have been pretty consistent with a fitness routine this past year or few months (or for even those looking to get started), the holidays are a great time to incorporate stretching and yoga exercises to relax the body and mind. Due to the stress build up this holiday season it is important to schedule that small amount of time to take a few minutes to relax and reward ourselves for all our hard work!

5. Fitness with Family: Holidays are about spending time with family so why not enjoy a workout, walk, or traditional family football game? Get moving with this quick interval workout (modify it to fit all levels!): 1. Warm up: 20 walking lunges and 8 walking planks 2. 30 Seconds Each: 1. Jumping jacks or cross jacks 2. 4 lunges/ 4 squats 3. Push ups (modified, regular, jack) 4. Plank Repeat 1x 3. 30 Seconds Each: 1. Burpees 2. Front kick/lunge back 3. Squat jumps, squats on toes, or regular squats 4. Mountain Climbers Repeat 1x 4. 30 Seconds Each: 1. Skaters 2. Squat front kicks 3. Knees (on step or chair, switch legs 15 sec.) 4. Plank tap outs Repeat 1x Repeat steps 2, 3, and 4 one more time each for a total of 3 times! Don't forget to stretch! Remember: Holidays are suppose to be fun and relaxing! Don't beat yourself up for being busy and not having the time to take care of your body. Do what you can! Just remember to get up and move!

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