Why is Self-Care so Important for Us?

This past summer I spoke at Wake Med's Bariatric's Support Group about the importance of self-care. The need for self-care has become more and more prevalent today, due to the fast pace lives we live. Technology, busy work schedules, busy kid's schedules, school and sport demands; all of it creates the need to "go, go, go". Self-care allows us to take the time we need to pull ourselves from that non-stop mindset, and reset our headspace. 


What is self-care?

  • Taking the TIME to care for your mind and body

  • Participating in activities that you enjoy (i.e. walking/hiking, exercise, sports, reading, traveling, etc.)

  • Participating in activities that help calm your mind and body (i.e. meditation, yoga, walks, listening to music, aromatherapy, acupuncture, massage, etc.)






What may be the signs that I need more self-care?


  • I’m feeling exhausted, irritable, and have little patience

  • I dread going to work or doing things with my family/friends

  • I feel less enjoyment in my life (career, family, etc.)

  • I have difficulty concentrating and memory issues  

  • I have little energy to exercise regularly or eat healthy foods


What can the practice of self-care do for me?


  • Avoids burnout from your job or family life

  • Helps prevent and manage stress

  • Helps maintain a whole body healthy lifestyle

  • Improves self-esteem 

  • Increases energy and promotes healthy eating habits and exercise routines

  • Improves mood and mental health 






How can I incorporate self-care into my every day life?


  • Make self-care a priority: structure/plan your self-care time

  • Create a self-care plan: make a list of self-care ideas

  • Reward Yourself: Yes! Create rewards that will reinforce your practice of self-care!

  • Remember: small changes can make the biggest difference!






Make a self-care plan!


  • Self-Care Ideas





  • Rewards





  • Time of Day/Week:







Remember, all changes TAKE TIME. Be patient and practice, practice, practice!

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