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Live Video Sessions: Right For Me?

MentPhys Wellness PLLC is primarily a Telehealth service. The live video sessions are HIPPA compliant and provide clients with the ability to receive services from anywhere. The following questions are ones for each client to consider when it comes to participating in live video sessions:

1. Do I have a very busy schedule, making it difficult for me to schedule an office session?

2. Do I live in a rural area and not have the ability to get to an office in Raleigh?

3. Am I a student or professional athlete in need of mental skills training but do not live in the Raleigh area?

4. Am I constantly traveling for work or family issues and need an easier and more accessible way to receive mental health care?

5. Do I feel more comfortable in my own home?

6. Am I able to go to an office due to a recent injury? 

If one or more of the above questions relate to you and your situation then live video sessions may be a good option for you to consider. 

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