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Hey, you! This is important!

As I continue my research on female physiology, I wanted to talk today about diets. Over the past few decades there have been so called "diet fads." There are high carb, low carb, high fat, low calories, and everything in between. The word DIET is not one that I like to use, not just with my clients, but also in my own life. The way you think and feel about food can control your life. Whether it is the obsessions of it, the crave for it, the amount of it, or the counting of it, food can control you. However, when you take the right steps, become MINDFUL of your body and what you consume (instead of obsess), you can create a LIFESTYLE that is long term, rather than just a diet.

Here are some facts/tips about how you can starting rethinking your "LIFESTYLE" and what you can change to begin being more MINDFUL of your wellness.

1. Remember: most diets do not work for most women because of our different hormonal responses to restriction and because of your body type (more on this in future blogs!).

2. CARBS? NOT CARBS!: Carbohydrates are essential for everyday health. Your body uses them for energy. Carbs fuel your brain and central nervous system, help your body burn fat, and help preserve your muscle tissue by preventing your body from using protein as a primary energy source.

WOMEN FACT: Carbohydrate sensitivity changes over the course of a women's life span, but carbs are still essential. Do not cut them out completely.

3. THE IMPORTANCE OF PROTEIN: When we think of protein we need to think of time and amount. For those of you that have a consistent exercise routine and our active, you should be consuming 0.8-1 gram of protein per body weight. I know it may seem like a lot but if you are active it is important that you are consuming enough and consuming it at the right time. Consume protein within 30 minutes of your workouts.

4. EAT A SMART BREAKFAST: Many women struggle to eat breakfast or a quality breakfast. When you wake up, you are in a catabolic state after not eating all night. Your body needs fuel and energy for the day. Morning time is where we need to consume a majority of carbs and also don't forget your protein!

5. MOM ALWAYS SAID TO EAT MY VEGETABLES: Mom was right....women should be consuming one pound of vegetables a day. I know that may seem like a lot and maybe impossible for some of you but remember its all about being MINDFUL. Next time you go to the grocery store or look in your frig, think "how could I add more veggies to my meal?"

Start thinking "WHAT DOES MY BODY NEED?" rather than "What can't I have?"

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