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Ode to Cold Lavender Towels

I recently started to work toward a goal of mine, incorporate a weekly hot yoga classes into my schedule. I completed my first hot yoga class at 110 Yoga in Downtown Raleigh and was treated with a wonderful wet, cold lavender towel to put across my heated face. The scent and feeling of relaxation was very rewarding and made me think, something so small can make a big difference.

It goes to show just how important self-care can be especially if we make the time for it. Not only do I enjoy what hot yoga does for my mind and body, but I also look forward to that wonderful fragrant-filled towel that reminds my brain, you did a great job! Self-care is crucial to our health both physically and mentally. Whether it be a hot yoga class or simply just scheduling a lunch time walk, PLAN IT and make it happen!

So what is it that you can try this week that allows you to practice self-care? Here are some tips to incorporate it:

1. PLAN IT: Pick a day that is most flexible for you. Maybe ask a friend to join you (keep you accountable). Write it down, schedule it, whatever you need to do!

2. FIND THE REWARDS: Whether it is a cold lavender towel or a high five from a partner, find a way to seek out a reward for treating yourself to self-care

3. THROW AWAY THE GUILT: Oftentimes, when I talk about self-care with my clients they mention feeling guilty or selfish for taking the time for themselves. Self-care is the opposite. It allows you to step away from your busy lifestyle, refresh and recharge so that you can be the best version of yourself!

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