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What is keeping you from meditation?

We all know we need it, we understand our lives are busy, messy, in need of a break. Yet we still do not make the time. Meditation has many forms. It can be done in 2 minutes or 20. It can be in your car or on a quiet beach. Meditation is challenging and takes a great amount of practice. However, the benefits of meditation are endless:

- increases amount and quality of sleep

- improves your mind-body connection

- decreases anxiety - decreases negative body image

- increases healthy eating habits

- promotes overall well-being and brings a sense of stillness into your life

So, if it is so great, then why don't we do it?:

- Do not have enough time

-"My mind can't shut off and there is NO WAY I can sit still for any length of time"

- I have never tried it

How can I add meditation into my life?:

- Commitment- make a commitment to yourself to try meditation and embrace all of the benefits

- Time- Find the time of day that work bests for you (MAKE IT CONSISTENT TO THAT TIME)

- Practice- Just like going to the gym or playing a sport, you must practice, practice, and practice if you want to see results

- Support- Find a meditation partner: whenever you have difficulty starting a new routine, or sticking to a commitment, it is best to have support from others

- Reward Yourself- even though meditation in itself is rewarding, at first it may be challenging to see the benefits, so reward yourself with something once you have completed your daily meditation

Below is a link to a few meditation scripts for you to try.

Start meditating today!

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