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Using Meditation to Enhance Your Performance

Welcome to 2018! My goal for MentPhys Wellness this year is to provide my clients and followers with more accessible resources to enhance their performance! As part of my goal, I recently created an audio script for you to use to practice your meditation. This audio script is a 5 minute meditation to help you optimize your performance. With practice and consistency, increasing your ability to relax and focus during your performance, whether it be a sport, school, work, etc., will become key to your success!

The script allows for imagery recall of your best performance. Doing this will allow for you to pick out cue words such as "grass" or "shot" that will easily allow for you to recall part of that performance. For example, if one of your best performances centered around a speech you gave. Cue words that you might develop from that memory recall may be "script" or "confident eye contact." These cue words/phrases will allow for a quick relaxation response when you are up against pressure in your next performance.

Below is a link to my website and the meditation audio.

Wishing you all the best in 2018! Lets do this!

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