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New Year, Same You

New Year, the need to change it all right? How about taking a new approach this year? Instead of listing all of the things you want or feel like you need to change, how about embracing what you love about yourself? It is easy to look at all the things we dislike about ourselves or feel like we need to change. What about all of the great things about YOU?

If you do anything different this year, make it a goal to add daily activities that will create positivity in your life. Below are some small ways you can create a positive mindset about yourself and all that makes you, YOU!

1. Daily Journal: This can be in any form you wish: self-confidence journal, meditation journal, one word a day journal, ETC.. Make the commitment to set time aside (even for just two-five minutes a day) to write in your journal. Each entry should be centered around YOU and your appreciation for yourself.

2. Increase Self-Care: Self-care is so important! It is a great way to take the time for yourself...see my previous post for more self-care ideas!

3. Post-It: If we are not use to praising ourselves or appreciating all that we are, it can be difficult to remember to do so. Take a few sticky notes and write down positive statements, phrases or words that you want to remember about yourself. Phrases like "You got this today" or "I am working on it" or "It is a process." Stick them around your house, in places you will see them throughout the day. Have fun with it! Encourage those around you to do it too!

New Year, Same You! You only get one of YOU, so love yourself, be proud of yourself because YOU ARE AWESOME!

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