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Motivation-Asking for HELP

When it comes to motivation, whether it is fitness, therapy or any goal you may have, motivation is one of the biggest factors. Researchers state that it takes almost three weeks or 20-21 days to create a habit. Many of us my find ourselves very motivated (especially on Sundays!) to start the week off strong and ready to change our lives. However, many factors may inhibit our abilities to maintain our new goal for that 20-21 day period. Whether it is stress at work, kids, family time, volunteer work, or other reasons, we fall out of our healthy new lifestyle before it becomes a routinely habit.

When the motivation begins to decrease due to other areas of life or the rigorous goal that is being pursued, it is important to reach out to others and ASK FOR HELP. Many of us forget that we need the support and assistance from others, especially those that we live with and see daily. We may become too involved in the pride or overall achievement of our goal that we think we can do it all on our own. Whether it is your spouse, roommate, or family member, don't forget that it is okay to ask them for help with your goal. They can be a boost and/or a part of your motivation! Here are some quick tips and ways you can get the help you need!

-Ask someone to check in with you each day: have you met your daily goal today?

-Use modern technology (FaceTime, Skype) to work out together! Whether near or far...we all have the ability to plan workout dates, nightly walks, or morning yoga sessions to do with a partner(s).

-For those of you with goals to see a therapist and maintain weekly attendance for your sessions, don't forget the multiple options for therapy. There are many different ways to receive therapy whether it is at the office, in the home, or even via video chat in your own home. All options allow for a variety of different ways to fit your needs!

Don't forget: ASKING FOR HELP is KEY to maintaining your positive motivation to meet your goals!

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