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1. ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar)*: Based on my own experience, the craze over ACV and all it's wonderful glory is true. Toss it back (this is the one of the rare times I will tell you to suck it up and just do it) either as a shot or put it in a glass of water and drink it through a straw. Plug your nose, close your eyes, chase it, whatever it takes....make ACV a part of your life. Benefits: improves gut health (also the new craze), helps with digestion, acne, stomach fat, sugar cravings, prevents illness, and much more! I have been taking ACV first thing in the morning with my glass of water (15-30 minutes before I eat) for many years now. Sometimes I do every other day (alternating with Kombucha), if I feel a sickness approaching I up it to two times a day. I know it sounds awful but I am telling you it is worth it. At the very least, add it to your salad!

*Get Braggs "The Mother"

2. COLOR YOUR PLATE (listen to your mother when she tells you to eat more fruits and vegetables): EAT AS MUCH FRUIT AND VEGGIES AS YOU WANT! GO CRAZY...if you hate them...start extra cup (than normal) a day...your body will begin to like them over time, especially as you experiment with different recipes.

3. GET MOVING: Sorry, it is the simple truth... you need to exercise one way or the other. Make a goal to get moving (walk, yoga) 15-30 minutes a day, strive to workout (weight lifting, interval, running, etc.) 2-3x a week. Again, do not kill is all about moderation, consistency, and doing what works for you....just get moving!

4. MEDITATE: Simply put, life is too stressful. We need at least 5 minutes a day to allow for a calm mind. Take a break from the outside world to step back and see what your body is telling you. Improve your mind-body connection (helpful hints in previous posts!).

5. DON'T THINK TOO MUCH: If you find yourself struggling too much with your thoughts, your relationships (especially your relationship with food- yes it exists!), your body image, etc., it may be time to seek professional help. Living a healthy lifestyle is FAR FROM EASY. With so much information on the internet and TV these days, the "right" way to live a healthy lifestyle can get confusing and overwhelming. It all comes down to you, your body and mind. Always do what is right for you!

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