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Stop the Judgment: Take a break from the mirror and GET OFF THE SCALE

Out of the shower, starting/ending the day, we all do it: analyze our bodies from head to toe. "That is saggy" "Ew what is that?" "Why can't I be like that" "Ugh, I gained a pound, I'm so fat"

Quick Tips if the above is a part of your daily routine:

1. Spend less time in front of a mirror: If you analyze your body every day...make a goal to only do it 6 times a week and slowly decrease the days as you go. You can also minimize the amount of time you stand in front of the mirror looking at yourself (and I do not just mean looking at yourself- I mean full on starring at every little inch of your body and thinking negatively about it).

Over time, the less time you stand in front of a mirror criticizing your body, the less time your mind will have to think negatively about yourself.

Get support! Ask a friend or loved one to make you accountable. If they see you analyzing yourself in the mirror have them encourage you to stop, say a positive statement about yourself, and move on with your day!

2. GET OFF THE SCALE: Women, we have the ability to embrace our bodies for who they are or completely go off the rail and wonder why we can't be perfect. I can't remember the last time I stepped on a scale (even at the doctor's office I don't pay attention to it) because it is not important. What is important is YOUR HEALTHY LIFESTYLE. Also factor in that as women our bodies change as we move throughout our cycle. If you currently get on the scale every day, try making the goal of only doing it once a week.

DO NOT rely on a scale to tell you how you truly feel about yourself and all the work you are putting in to making yourself healthy!

3. Increase the POSITIVE: No one is perfect. Stop shaming yourself for eating a cookie or "going off my diet." It is all about BUILDING a healthy lifestyle over time (yes this can take years).

For the times you do look in the mirror, BE PROUD OF YOUR BODY. Make positive statements: "I am working on it." "I am doing the best I can." "It takes time." "I AM A BEAUTIFUL PERSON."

It is almost impossible to treat others with love and respect if you are not happy with yourself and struggle to treat your own body & mind with love and respect!

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